Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans Discontinued Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans

Discontinued Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans

Often times, you may be searching for a part for your Harbor Breeze ceiling fan, only to realize that the part you’re searching for is extremely difficult to find online. Why, you might ask? Well, how old is your fan – that’s a good question to ask. Harbor Breeze isn’t manufactured by Home Depot or Lowe’s, but they do carry the fans as their house brand. It’s a popular brand in that chain of stores. The chain often carries the most up to date models. However, if your fan is more then 5 years old, there’s a chance it may be discontinued. If your Harbor Breeze ceiling fan is more then ten years old, it’s very likely it’s discontinued.

Discontinued fans become increasingly more challenging to find replacement parts for with each passing year. Of course, this generally applies to just about anything, due to the way our consumer world works these days. Many Harbor Breeze fans cost around $100, so often the thought of many home owners or consumers is simply to replace the fan if it’s not working. If you’ve spent more then a few hours trying to find a replacement part, have spoken to the above chains mentioned, and have placed a few phone calls with no success, it may be time to replace the fan entirely.

We do have phone numbers listed here for Litex, the manufacturer of Harbor Breeze. Make sure you’ve called Home Depot customer support, and Litex support. Finally, you can also check the manual that came with the fan to see if a replacement part number is mentioned there at all.

If you’ve run into a brick wall with both, and not getting anywhere, you might as well proceed to replacement.

Where can I find a list of discontinued Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans?

Here we have a list of some of the ceiling fans that have been discontinued by Harbor Breeze. This list will grow over time. If you need help with a discontinued Harbor Breeze fan, and it’s not listed here on this page, please let us know by submitting a comment. We will continue to post more pictures of these fans over time.


Harbor Breeze Armitage Ceiling Fan

Where to find this fan: This fan is available from Amazon.com for approximately $69 USD

Size: 52 Inch Blade Span

Finish: Brushed Nickel

Price: $69 USD



Harbor Breeze Ocracoke Ceiling Fan


Where to find this fan: This fan is not available on Lowe’s.com, Amazon.com. It was also sold out on Ebay.com

We were not able to find this fan available for sale anywhere. If you find a place that is selling the Ocracoke still, please leave a comment to let us know where it is being sold.


Barnstaple Bay

Harbor Breeze Barnstaple Bay Ceiling Fan




Harbor Breeze Bellevue Ceiling Fan





Harbor Breeze Tilghman II 52 Inch Ceiling Fan



Harbor Breeze Tahoe Ceiling Fan

Where to find this fan: No longer sold on Lowe’s.com

Rona.ca does have the Tahoe available – approximately $199 CAD

Size: 52 Inch Blade Span









3 thoughts on “Discontinued Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans”

  1. I have a harbor breeze fan model number BLG52WW5C Belliagio is the name of it. I purchased it from Lowes in Baton Rouge La In 2007.
    The motor has gone out in it. I called Lowes and they can not find it by that model number. I have thrown away the paperwork I have for it. What can I do about this?

  2. I’m looking for a cobalt blue Harbor Breeze ceiing fan that uses standard light bulbs. We have one now that uses special bulbs and we are senior citizens and it is to hard for us to replace thoe pecial little bulbs so we want a new fan that is cobalt blue! Thanks

  3. Hi. I have an harbor breeze ceiling fan that is probably 20 years old. It has a glass cover over the motor that has a grape design on it. A grape design holding the blades on and also the glass globes covering the four light bulbs are frosted with a grape design Also. I am searching for one of the glass globes to replace one that was broke. Have not been able to find one to match.

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