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Harbor Breeze Avian Ceiling Fan

The Avian ceiling fan seems to have left a lasting impression on its users, both positive and negative. One reviewer, who bought the fan in 2009, praised its longevity, noting that it still works wonderfully after all these years. However, they expressed frustration with the difficulty of replacing the bulb, mentioning that the globe removal was so tough that they were considering breaking the glass to replace it.

Another reviewer, while impressed with the modern style of the Avian, mentioned experiencing noise issues with the fan over time, particularly a clicking noise on medium or high settings. They found temporary relief by adjusting the screws but noted that the noise always returned, making it challenging to sleep at night.

On the other hand, a reviewer who owns multiple Avian fans across two houses praised its design and functionality, expressing disappointment that it has been discontinued. They even expressed interest in buying used ones if available.

Another reviewer, who installed the Avian as their first ceiling fan, described the installation process as an “interesting starter” but ultimately found the fan to be worth the initial installation headache. They appreciated its modern style and believed it added charm to their home.

Overall, the Avian ceiling fan seems to have made a strong impression with its stylish design and functionality, though some users have experienced issues with noise and bulb replacement. Despite these challenges, many users still appreciate the fan’s aesthetic appeal and performance.

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