Harbor Breeze Belliagio Ceiling Fan

The Harbor Breeze Bellagio is a difficult to find ceiling fan when searching online. It is also referred to as the Litex Belliagio Ceiling Fan, as Litex is the manufacturer of Harbor Breeze. So sometimes it can be referred to as either brand. When looking around on different websites, it is difficult even to find even a picture of the fan. The only place we were able to locate the fan for sale was on E-Bay, which had the following picture in one of the listings:

Harbor Breeze Bellagio Ceiling Fan

Model number: BLG52WW5C

The fan was being sold there for $65 USD.

Lowe’s.com showed up a different fan when we searched using model number BLG52WW5C. The fan we found with Lowe’s was the Harbor Breeze Ocean Grove fan, but it’s not the same fan. It obviously looks much different then the Bellagio.  Why this is, we’re not sure. The Ocean Grove looks nothing like the Bellagio at all. The Bellagio is a very decorative fan as you can see. In the above picture it’s an all white fan, but the base and blades of the fan are very decorative.

The Ocean Grove by comparison is a simple, traditional perhaps even modern fan – nothing like the Bellagio at all. We’re not sure why Lowe’s shows the Ocean Grove when we’re trying to find information on the Bellagio.

Harbor Breeze Ocean Grove Ceiling Fan

Harbor Breeze Ocean Grove Ceiling Fan – not the Bellagio whatsoever

Was the Harbor Breeze Belliagio Ceiling Fan recalled?

We didn’t find any information about a recall of this fan when we were looking, so at this time we don’t believe there is any recall out there for this fan. If you have some other information such as there was a recall for the Belliagio, or you happen to know where to find parts for this fan please let us know by filling out the comment form at the bottom.


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