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Harbor Breeze Outdoor Fans

Outdoor fans are helpful when you have an outdoor space that you need to cool. For example, you may want to cool your porch, gazebo, or outdoor barn. Outdoor fans have special ratings, such as UL listed. UL listed fans, or UL wet listed means that these fans will still operate in humid conditions. UL wet listed means the fan can be out in the rain and still work properly. When looking into an outdoor fan, ensure that the fan is UL listed, otherwise it may not hold up well to the outside elements.

Here are a few examples of Harbor Breeze outdoor fans:

Merrimack II 52 inch
Cohort Garage Fan
Henderson 72 inch

Harbor Breeze Henderson Outdoor Fan

The Hemderson fan has a large blade span – 72 inches, which is huge. Most fans that you use in your home usually are between 40 and 54 inches. So a 72 inch blade span is very large. This fan would typically be used in larger rooms as such – such as large dining halls, gymnasiums, bowling alleys, etc. Unless you have a large home, with larger rooms, this fan may not be what you are looking for. The fan should be utilized in rooms that are larger then 400 square feet, such as a great room.

Harbor Breeze Henderson Ceiling Fan

Harbor Breeze Henderson Ceiling Fan

The Frost White Light Kit incorporates a 20-watt integrated LED illumination system.

The Henderson fan holds a damp rating, rendering it suitable for deployment both indoors and outdoors, especially in covered environments such as porches or patios.

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