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Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Blade Arms

Blade arms are the connecting pieces that attach the fan blades to the motor housing of a ceiling fan. They serve as the bridge between the motor and the blades, enabling the rotation of the fan and generating the airflow that helps maintain a comfortable room temperature. Harbor Breeze understands the significance of these blade arms in achieving optimal fan performance.

Harbor Breeze offers a wide array of blade arms designed to cater to various preferences and interior design themes. Whether you’re aiming for a sleek and modern look, a rustic and traditional ambiance, or anything in between, you can find blade arms that perfectly complement your decorative vision.

Materials Needed:

  • New Harbor Breeze ceiling fan blade arms
  • Screwdriver (usually Phillips-head)
  • Pliers (optional)
  • Step stool or ladder (for access to the fan)

Step-by-Step Guide to replacing Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Blade Arms:

Turn Off Power: Before you start working on your ceiling fan, ensure that the power to the fan is turned off at the circuit breaker or by using the wall switch.

Access the Fan: Position a step stool or ladder beneath the fan so you can safely reach it. Make sure the fan is stable before proceeding.

Remove Existing Blade Arms: Use a screwdriver to carefully remove the screws that secure the old blade arms to the motor housing. Keep these screws, as you’ll likely need them to attach the new blade arms.

Detach Old Blades: Once the old blade arms are removed, gently slide off the old blades from the blade arms. You might need to wiggle them slightly to release them.

Attach New Blade Arms: Slide the new blade arms onto the motor housing, aligning them with the existing holes. Make sure they are secure and properly aligned with the fan’s motor.

Secure with Screws: Insert the screws you removed earlier through the holes in the new blade arms and tighten them using a screwdriver. Make sure the blade arms are firmly attached to the motor housing.

Tighten and Adjust: Once all the screws are in place, use a screwdriver to ensure that they are properly tightened. Double-check that the blade arms are straight and evenly spaced. If needed, you can use pliers to hold the screw heads while tightening.

Test the Fan: Turn the power back on and test the fan to ensure that it operates smoothly and without wobbling. If you notice any wobbling, you might need to balance the blades.

Balancing the Blades (if necessary): If your fan wobbles after installing the new blade arms, you can use a ceiling fan balancing kit. These kits usually include adhesive weights that you can attach to the blades to correct any imbalance.

Once you’re satisfied with the installation and the fan’s performance, turn off the power again to ensure safety. Dispose of any old blade arms and packaging properly.


If you are looking for a set of replacement blade arms, this set works if your fan has an all white finish. You’ll also have to line up the holes to ensure the design matches to your existing fan as well. Regarding the d├ęcor choice, you could install it onto a fan that is not all white blades as well. It’s ultimately your choice as a home owner. These blade arms cost approximately $37 USD at the time of this writing – if you’re interested in looking closer at these blade arms, click on the link above.


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