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Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Blades

Replacement ceiling fan blades can be difficult to find for any ceiling fan. The reason for this is, you not only have to match up the bolt pattern, but also the style of the fan. Often times, many homeowners simply replace all of the fan blades because it’s less time consuming to simply purchase a set of replacement blades, as opposed to trying to find specific blades for your model of Harbor Breeze fan.

The first stop on your journey to find replacement blades is likely either the store where you originally purchased the fan, or the ceiling fan manual. The manual may be able to tell you the part number for replacing the fan blades. Finding the part number you need is the first challenge. If you’re able to obtain that right off the bat, great. If not, you’ll likely need to call the customer support phone numbers for either Litex, Home Depot, or Lowe’s. We do list all of these phone numbers here on this helpful Harbor Breeze website, so we can help you to find the phone numbers you need to contact the manufacturer for Harbor Breeze. Litex is the manufacturer, while Home Depot and Lowe’s are house brands and thus carry Harbor Breeze in their stores (somewhat exclusively).

How can I find the part number I need for replacement Harbor Breeze ceiling fan blades?

Great question, and we get it all the time. The way to find the part number for the existing blades is as follows:

  • Check the original manual that came with your fan
  • Call Lowes or Home Depot customer support to ask them for the part number and/or where to find replacement blades
  • Call Litex, the manufacturer of Harbor Breeze
  • Visit your local retailer

In the end, you may end up having to purchase generic third party ceiling fan blades to satisfy the need. Again, just make sure they’re the right length, the right screw pattern and then just go ahead and replace all of the fan blades as opposed to replacing just one or two problematic ones.

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