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Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Shades

Are you trying to find a replacement Harbor Breeze ceiling fan shade? Well, join the club. That may come off a bit negatively, and we apologize if it does. However, we get a TON of site visitors who are looking for replacement Harbor Breeze shades. Generally, the shades that site visitors look for are glass shades. Why? Well, they’re easy to break. Most people, when trying to replace the shade or the glass globe on their fan, stand on a stool or a chair. There you are, precariously balanced with basically no one to give you a hand. If you do have someone to help you, that’s great – but generally, here we are trying to do this on our own, and we need more hands.

We don’t have more hands, and while trying to both unscrew the shade as well as hold the other parts in place, the shade falls down and smash, there it goes on the floor. Thus, we begin our journey to find a replacement Harbor Breeze ceiling fan shade. And what a journey it is. Most online resources simply do not have these available. You can search and search on Amazon, as an example, but there are no first party Harbor Breeze fan shades to be found there. You’ll likely have to resort to E-Bay if you’re looking online, or if you want to find a replacement shade which is more affordable and/or second hand.

With all of that being said, Harbor Breeze is the house brand of Lowe’s and Home Depot. Therefore, these stores generally become the “always” destination for people looking for Harbor Breeze parts.

How do I replace my Harbor Breeze fan shade?

Great question. Below we’ve got a step by step guide, to help you to change the shade on your fan.

Tools You Might Need:

  1. A ladder or step stool (if needed to reach the fan)
  2. Screwdriver (usually a Phillips-head or flat-head)
  3. Replacement fan shade
  4. A helper (optional but can make the process easier)

Step by Step Guide on replacing Ceiling Fan Shade

Safety First: Ensure that the fan is turned off at the switch or circuit breaker. It’s a good idea to place a piece of tape over the switch to prevent someone from accidentally turning it on while you’re working.

Remove the Old Shade:

    • Most ceiling fan shades are attached with screws or clips. Look for these attachment points on the old shade.
    • Use the appropriate screwdriver to remove the screws or gently unclip the old shade from the fixture. Be careful not to damage the fan blades or other components.

Disconnect Wiring (if applicable):

      • If your ceiling fan shade includes a light kit, you may need to disconnect the wires connecting the light kit to the fan. This is usually done by removing wire nuts or disconnecting plug connectors. Make sure to turn off the power before disconnecting any wires.

Remove the Old Shade: Once you’ve disconnected any wires and removed any screws or clips, carefully take off the old shade and set it aside.

Attach the New Shade:

    • Position the new fan shade in place, making sure it lines up with the attachment points.
    • If your new shade is secured with screws, insert and tighten the screws using your screwdriver.
    • If it uses clips, snap the clips into place.

Reconnect Wiring (if applicable):

    • If your fan shade includes a light kit, reconnect any wires you disconnected earlier. Match the wire colors (e.g., black to black, white to white) and secure them with wire nuts or plug connectors.

Test the Fan and Light: Turn the power back on at the switch or circuit breaker and test the fan and light to ensure they are working correctly. Make sure the fan is balanced and doesn’t wobble.

Adjust the Shade: If necessary, adjust the position of the shade to ensure it’s level and centered.

Final Checks: Double-check that all screws and clips are securely in place, and there are no loose parts.

Clean Up: Dispose of the old shade properly, and clean any dust or debris that may have accumulated during the installation.

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