Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Troubleshooting

Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Troubleshooting

Fan will not turn on

Here is a checklist of items to check if the fan will not turn on. Consider this a “pre-flight” checklist, so if the fan is not turning on, not turning, not working at all, etc.  then try these checklist of items below:

  • Check and make sure controls on the fan are set correctly and functional. Is a control broken? Make sure none of the switches or controls on the fan are pushed the wrong way etc. If there is a pullchain, and the remote has not been working, try the pullchain.
  • If there’s a reverse switch on your ceiling fan, make sure it’s seated correctly. Meaning it should either be in forward or reverse but not in the middle. If it does not work on the reverse setting, try the normal setting or vica versa.
  • Try changing the battery on the remote if the fan is remote controlled only.

Light will not turn on

If the fan and the light are both not working, it could be a wiring issue or connection issue. Bring the fan canopy down (you might be able to just lower it down without taking it completely off the ceiling, but it depends on the fan. Good rule of thumb – don’t yank and just be gentle to find out).

Check our wiring guide for more details on checking, investigating and troubleshooting ceiling fan wiring. Make sure all the wires are connected well. You’ll also need to use a multimeter to see if there is power coming from the power supply or not. Check the white wire is connected to both the light kit and the electronics of the fan – you’ll need to open the switch housing for that.

Light is working but fan isn’t working

The first thing you should check in this scenario is the black wire inside of the canopy. Usually this problem is cause by the black wire coming loose. If it is connected, take note of what it connects to. Check for any other wires that appear that they may be disconnected.

Do the fan blades turn properly? If they are stuck it is possible they may need to be oiled. Only certain fans require oiling, see our guide on oiling your ceiling fan for more information. It is also possible that something is stuck in the path of the blades.


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