Harbor Breeze CFR-3D Ceiling Fan Receiver

Model: Harbor Breeze CFR-3D Ceiling Fan Receiver

Condition: New

Harbor Breeze CFR 3D Ceiling Fan Receiver

Note that this receiver does not come with a remote. It only replaces the fan receiver.

It will work with, or replace most Harbor Breeze receivers, where the remote uses a Learn button. It does not work with all Harbor Breeze models, but works with most.

Note the following considerations as well:

  • Will not work with FCC ID KUJCE 10311 remote
  • If you have a CFR-3D receiver that has a 4 pin dip switch, this new receiver will not work
  • Your old receiver should not have any dipswitches at all or this part will not work to replace it. If you are not familiar with what a dip switch is please read this article which will help you to understand what is a ceiling fan dipswitch. 
  • This model is the newest available and works with all light bulbs, this includes incandescent, LED, Halogen and CFL light bulbs
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1 thought on “Harbor Breeze CFR-3D Ceiling Fan Receiver”

  1. I have a CFR-3D receiver with 40014/40015 transmitter numbers on the receiver and fan wall control switch. The new CFR-3D receiver is not smart syncing with the fan wall switch. The old receivers left the light on and the fan on high speed.

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