Harbor Breeze Fan Receiver model CFR-3D

The CFR-3D will work and will not work with the following.
The CFR-3d will work with all light bulbs. This includes incandescent, LED, Halogen and CFL bulbs.
Harbor Breeze CFR 3D Receiver

Harbor Breeze CFR 3D Receiver. We were able to find this receiver available on E-Bay. We have not been able to find it on any other websites. If you do find this receiver elsewhere, please leave a comment to let us know where you found it!

  • Will not work with Home Shield or Walk Away Light delay remotes.
  • Will not work with 4 pin dip switch remotes
  • Does not work with FCC ID KUJCE 10311 remote
  • Your old receiver needs to not have any dipswitches

We understand this is a lot of “will nots,” this comes directly from the manufacturer and there is not a lot we can do in this regard.

For understanding all of this:     If you’re not familiar with dipswitches, how they work, what they do and how they look like – they look like this, and you can usually find them on the back of your remote, as well as in your receiver unit (inside of your fan).
Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Dipswitch

This is what a dipswitch looks like. One of these will be inside the remote, and one will be inside of the ceiling fan, on the receiver unit.

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