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Harbor Breeze Sail Stream Ceiling Fan

Enhance the air circulation dynamics within your living space with this precision-engineered 52 inch Harbor Breeze Sail Stream Ceiling Fan. Meticulously designed to optimize airflow, this fan incorporates an integrated LED feature for energy efficiency and superior illumination. The three reversible blades, finished with a polished nutmeg surface, not only deliver an appealing touch but also ensure streamlined functionality. The inclusion of a handheld remote control adds a layer of technical sophistication, providing users with precise control over the fan’s operation.

Embrace technical finesse with the oil-rubbed bronze finish of the Sail Stream collection ceiling fan, featuring three nutmeg blades that contribute to the fan’s aerodynamic efficiency. The light kit, equipped with a frosted glass shade, not only augments the overall design but also delivers focused overhead illumination. The flush mount installation mechanism caters to spatial constraints, making it an optimal choice for environments with lower ceilings and demanding architectural considerations.

The ceiling fan incorporates a reverse air flow feature, enabling seasonal adjustment of the fan’s direction. This functionality allows for strategic air circulation management, facilitating the downward flow of cool air during warmer seasons and uniform distribution of warm air in colder climates. With a silent 52-inch blade span, this fan is engineered to efficiently generate high airflow, rendering it well-suited for applications in sizable rooms. The inclusion of three speed settings and a user-friendly remote control further enhances operational flexibility, allowing users to fine-tune the comfort levels within their space.

52 Inch Harbor Breeze Sail Stream Ceiling Fan

The Sail Stream ceiling fan has a handsome oil rubbed bronze finish. It’s one of Harbor Breeze’s more appealing fans. This fan also is a little more expensive, retailing about $279 USD.

In terms of reliability, the 52-in Harbor Breeze Sail Stream Ceiling Fan is backed by a limited lifetime warranty, underscoring its durability and quality assurance. Tailored for contemporary technical aesthetics, this ceiling fan seamlessly integrates advanced functionality with a sleek design, presenting a sophisticated solution for precise environmental control in residential or commercial settings.

Where can I find the Harbor Breeze Sail Stream ceiling fan?

The Sail Stream is available at the following online retailers, at the time of this writing in 2023:

Amazon.ca – the Sail Stream is available here for $241 CAD

Amazon.com – the lowest price we can find on the Sail Stream – $135 USD. Great price

Lowe’s.ca – Available on Lowe’s website for $274 CAD

Lowe’s.com – A much better price, $150 USD on Lowe’s.com website


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