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How to stop Harbor Breeze Fans making Beeping sounds

A site visitor recently asked:

“I recently purchased a Harbor Breeze Portes ceiling fan from Lowe’s, attracted by its sleek design, solid construction, and excellent performance. However, I encountered an unexpected issue with its operation. When I tried to turn the fan on using the wall switch, instead of enjoying a quiet start, the fan emitted two loud, beeping notes. These beeps were not something I could disable or overlook, and they significantly detracted from the fan’s appeal.

Upon contacting Harbor Breeze about this issue, I was informed that all fans in their Platinum series function this way. Despite the fan being advertised as having a silent mode, the beeps are an inherent part of its operation. Does anyone know how to get around this very annoying problem?”

Great question, we thought. Yes, there is a way to stop this incessant beeping from the platinum series fans. It is true, these fans do make two loud beeping sounds that cannot be turned off.

In order to address this issue, what you can do is actually remove the speaker that makes the noises.

How to remove the annoying speaker from your Harbor Breeze Plantinum series ceiling fan

To eliminate the annoying beeping from the Harbor Breeze speaker inside your fan, start by removing the cover from the top of the fan.

Remove cover from the top of the fan

Next, take out the screws from the two sides of the black, semi-circular compartment. Lift the compartment and remove the small Phillips screw.

Lift compartment and remove Phillips screw

Then, lift the top off the compartment. Use a knife or a small flat-head screwdriver to remove the small black cylindrical object located at what would be the right leg of the horseshoe on the semi-circular board. Insert the blade at the edge with the glue, near the vertical circuit board, and gently work it under the speaker until you pry it loose. Remove it completely, reassemble the fan, and the speaker will no longer emit the noise.

Remove speaker from circuit board

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