Remote Control for M52-5B/3LIA1E Harbor Breeze

Model number: Harbor Breeze M52-5B/3LIA1E

When looking for the above model number, the ceiling fan that we find is the Harbor Breeze Crosswinds ceiling fan. The Crosswinds is a 52 Inch ceiling fan. As of this writing in September 2023, Lowe’s shows they do not carry this fan any longer.

If you are looking for a remote control for this fan, with the model number M52-5B/3LIA1E we have tried searching different websites and we will provide the details below on which website we were able to find this Harbor Breeze remote control.


Harbor Breeze Crosswinds Ceiling Fan

Harbor Breeze Crosswinds Ceiling Fan We tried searching for M52-5B/3LIA1E but didn’t find a remote matching this model.

E-Bay: Usually E-bay is a good place for these kinds of things, but we didn’t find this remote available on E-Bay either.

Lowe’s: As described, the fan is no longer sold on Lowe’s and thus we didn’t find the remote there either.

Harbor Breeze Crosswinds White Ceiling Fan

Here’s another version of the Crosswinds ceiling fan. This one comes in all white.

Where do I find the M52-5B/3LIA1E remote?

Good question. Since this remote does not appear to be available online, you’ll have to get in touch with the manufacturer. Harbor Breeze’s manufacturer is Litex, we have contact details you can use to get in touch with them.

Harbor Breeze Crosswinds Manual

We have the Crosswinds ceiling fan manual here. If you want to read the manual, or print it out and then read it, you can do that here. The manual is available in a PDF format. If you have any trouble opening the manual, make sure you have a program installed to read the manual, such as Adobe Reader. If you still have trouble, leave a comment here and we’ll help you to open the manual. If you’re looking for a manual for another fan and unable to find it, please let us know and we’ll get the required manual added to the website.




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