Where to find Harbor Breeze Light Globes

Often site visitors are looking for Harbor Breeze light globes, when they visit our website. What happens is, you’re working on changing a bulb – and the light globe falls down and smashes on the floor. It’s super frustrating when this happens, and it’s certainly happened to all of us. To make matters worse, it can be challenging to find a replacement light globe when searching online. There are some Harbor Breeze models that are discontinued, and thus they become increasingly challenging to find parts for as well. In many cases, you’ll likely have to reach out to Lowe’s customer support to ask them for a replacement light globe.

With that being said, there is also some generic light globes out there that can be utilized in this respect. Part number 0829258 from Lowe’s is a generic Harbor Breeze light globe, that you can install onto your fan. These cost about $50 USD. A generic option is sometimes a better option, when faced with the prospect that finding an original light globe is difficult. E-Bay is often a great place to find Harbor Breeze parts. Keep an eye on E-Bay, if you cannot find the part you are after anywhere else.  Sometimes parts go on sale or may be posted by different vendors from time to time. Often times used parts can be found which may save you considerable money over purchasing new parts.

Harbor Breeze LED Ceiling Fan Light Kit

If you’re not able to find the exact part number for your fan in terms of a replacement light globe, you can try a generic light dome replacement like this one. This Harbor Breeze light globe is part number 0829258 from Lowe’s, and according to their website, will work with most traditional style fans.


Part number 0829258 from Lowe’s has the following compatibility:

  • Harbor Breeze Saratoga ceiling fan
  • Indoor and outdoor fans
  • Compatible with most traditional ceiling fans as per the Lowe’s website



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