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How to program a Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Remote

Great question, and one that we get asked often. You’ve recently purchased a new Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Remote, and now you need that new remote to communicate with the existing Harbor Breeze fan that you have. Programming a remote for a ceiling fan is very different from programming a TV remote – assuming that your ceiling fan and your remote have dip switches. To check, remove the battery cover on the back of the remote. Take a look and see if you find dip switches inside of the remote. Typically they will be behind the battery cover. Dip switches look like the following:

Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Dipswitch

This is what a dipswitch looks like. One of these will be inside the remote, and one will be inside of the ceiling fan, on the receiver unit.

In order to to do this, you’ll need to take a look at the dip switches on the remote and inside of the fan. Ceiling fans communicate using IR, or infrared frequencies. Much like a radio frequency, the broadcaster and the listener need to be on the same frequency in order to communicate to each other. So, if the dip switches are set a certain way inside the remote, they must be set the same way inside of the ceiling fan.

I changed the batteries on my Harbor Breeze ceiling fan remote, and now I have to re-program the remote. What do I do?

This website visitor owned a Harbor Breeze A25TX005R ceiling fan, which has a learning code. To activate the learning code, turn the power off to the fan, and turn it back on again. Within 30 seconds of the fan turning back on, hold the hi and low buttons on the remote at the same time. Hold these buttons for about five seconds, and the remote will start to blink. This means the sequence is successful.

Here is a video below that shows how to perform these steps.


4 thoughts on “How to program a Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Remote”

    1. Hey Sean. Did you check to see if your remote has dip switches?
      You can check inside of the battery compartment on the back of the remote. If so, you have to ensure the receiver and the remote have the same code.

  1. Before you go and replace your ceiling fan remote, let us help you.
    We have troubleshooting guides to assist site visitors with diagnosing the problem with the remote,
    before replacing it. There are some general troubleshooting steps,
    like checking the batteries, checking the
    dip switches and determining what is the problem before going the route
    of replacement. If you do choose to replace the ceiling fan remote, replacing the receiver and
    the remote at the same time is often a good idea.
    Many universal ceiling fan kits come with a replacement receiver.

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